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Fresh Home Cooked Food

If you book a table with us and you don't attend, or it's cancelled less than 12 hours before the agreed time - then please be aware we'll not take another booking from you again.

Regular users of our site we recommend to refresh the page for accuracy

Children welcome up until 6pm


Summer Opening Hours - March 25th to October 1st

  • Friday – 
    • 8am to 9pm (Food) 
    • Drinks until 11pm
  • Saturday – 
    • Food 8am to 9pm 
    • Drinks until 11pm
  • Sunday – 
    • Breakfast 8am to 10am 
    • Sunday Carvery 11.30am to 9 pm
    • Drinks until 11pm
  • Monday – 
    • Breakfast & Lunch 8am to 1.45pm (Daytime Chefs Day off – See Menus)
    • Evening 5pm to 9pm Food (Business as usual) 
    • Drinks to 5pm to 11pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 
    • Breakfast & Lunch 8am to 2pm
    • Evening 5pm to 9pm Food (Business as usual) 
    • Drinks to 5pm to 11pm


Menus - Restaurant Menu | The Fisherman's Arms (thefishermansarms.uk)



We are open 7 days a week in the summer months predominately for our residents, although people locally are more than welcome to join us.


There are several Chefs here. In the evenings the menu is consistent and the same each night. Be aware that Breakfasts & lunches on a Tuesday to Friday is cooked by our main “Day time Chef”.


Saturday & Monday mornings is a practical and enjoyable menu cooked by another Chef here.

Sunday mornings is limited to full English breakfasts until 10am, purely so "Chef Neil" can concentrate on his Sunday Lunch and evening preparation. 


In all our fantastic offerings we always suggest giving us a call beforehand to book, thus avoiding disappointment.


Service Wait Times

·       Please be aware that on most evenings, after 7pm, food from the kitchen may be slow ish.

·       If you are after “fast food” – Docklow Pools/Fisherman’s Arms is not your answer

·       We hope to turn a ticket to the table within 45 minutes. 

·       That’s a goal not a guarantee

·       Good things come to those who wait. 

·       To enjoy an express service, we suggest eating early.

Customer Attendance

§  If you book a table with us and you do not attend, or it's cancelled less than 24 hours before the agreed time – then:

o   be aware we will not take another booking from you again. Non attending customers names are recorded. That includes residents

o   Tables of 10+ diners - we'll need a non-refundable £20 deposit to secure the booking. 

o   This is not refunded regardless of cancellation or nonattendance. 

§  Large table bookings (10+)

o   We may charge for what was booked unless cancelled or amended 24 hours before arrival

o   As we work on a sensible capacity, we may turn other customers/business away, so if someone lets us down at short notice, they will be charged to cover the loss.

o   Key note – Please don’t book large tables if you know numbers are vague or others wont attend


·       We will continue to work to safe standards regardless of decision by our government in weeks to come.

·       Customers and staff are encouraged to wash hands regularly.

·       Face masks are completely optional

·       Feedback from customers is they have respected and admired how the Docklow team has worked.

The Woodland Walk

·       The walk does not include the lakes. 

·       That is kept peaceful for our residents.

·       The Woodland walk is only available to patrons of the Fisherman's Arms coffee shop or restaurant

·       It is not a public park or National Trust.

·       If you don’t use the or have any intention of using the Fisherman’s Arms before or after your visit, then the walk is not available to you

·       Its Free of charge = We ask all customers use the Fisherman's Arms

·       Otherwise, its £10 per car for those who do not use the Fisherman's Arms

·       For non-residents it mirrors the Fisherman's Arms hours.


·       Dogs are allowed in the bar, coffee shop & conservatory only.

·       Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant

·       Assistance dogs are allowed in the restaurant.

·       Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times

·       We don’t allow aggressive breeds or “Yappy/barking” dogs


·       Docklow Pools is an adult only holiday venue. There is no childrens menu option.

·       But we allow children to come with their guardians before 6pm. 

·       That is last orders for children.

·       We do not take table bookings which include children after 6pm.

·       We ask politely children stay with their family.


·       All food & drink ordered must be paid for.

·       Docklow Pools does not accept £50 notes.

·       We insist all patrons refrain from bad language whilst using the Fisherman's Arms.

·       No drinks or food that was not purchased at the Fisherman's Arms can be consumed on our premises (including soft drinks & snacks of any kind). 

·       Card or Cash payments both accepted. We urge card payments over cash please

·       Locals & Residents, all welcome


·       We may work to two sittings in the summertime, so everyone can enjoy our food & restaurant.

·       This allows diners to sit in the restaurant as opposed to dining in the coffee shop or bar to eat.

·       Early dining 

·       We open early to allow people to eat ealy. We will need your table back by 7pm to 7.30pm at the latest please. We normally allow a good 2 hours dining for the early service

·       After dining you're welcome to have a drink in the bar or outside and stay the rest of service.

·       Evening dining

·       You are welcome to join us for an early drink.  

·       We will call you for your table when it becomes available. 

·       Table bookings start 8pm (occasionally 7.30pm) & 8.30pm - where you can stay if you wish to stay for the rest of the evening.

·         Sunday lunchtime

·       There is no alternative food option on a Sunday lunch time and evening

·       Sunday is Carvery only.

·       Small carvery is for under 10s only – Not intended for adults

·      Allergies

·       Customers must tell us of any food allergy so we can help. 

·       The customer or guardian must take responsibility to inform their server.

·       We may in certain circumstances have to decline offering food because the risk is so great. 

·       We'd rather be safe than sorry.


·       We don’t advertise “bespoke” private Chef arrangements although if we are able to help we most certainly will.


    Contact Information

  • Reservation Details

  • *Please note we are operating two evening sittings, early evening tables may need to be cleared by 7:30pm

*Reservations confirmed via email or phone.

Friendly Staff

Great Food

Sunday Carvery

Sunday Carvery

Country Pub, Restaurant
& Sunday Carvery

Whether you’re staying with us on holiday or local to Docklow, the Fishermans Arms welcomes you to join us 7 days a week during summer for fantastic homemade food at great value.

Our summer opening is every morning and every evening, with a Sunday lunch carvery which has a wonderful reputation across the county.

All our meats are from a local butcher. Food is homemade including delicious dishes, pies, chips, pudding and desserts.

It means that we are more than just a fishery. People who come on holiday love the fact that they can eat well, in friendly traditional surroundings, at great value prices without actually leaving the Docklow estate.

Sundays are normally a busy day because of strong local reputation so bookings are always suggested. 01568 760 256 or email info@docklowpools.com

The Fishermans Arms has both a restaurant a pub grub evening menu and an impressive breakfast brunch and lunch menu too.

we don’t serve fast food,
we serve great food

Ukrainian Appeal

We are deeply saddened by the events unfolding in the Ukraine. Innocent people, Families & children are caught up in a war zone. We want to do our bit to support what we can.

Every Thursday until the end of the summer, we are offering our customers a FREE tea or coffee to dine in at The Fishermans Arms cafe here at Docklow. In return we are asking for the money you’d of spent on your hot drink to be donated to the Red Cross Ukrainian appeal. https://donate.redcross.org.uk/appeal/ukraine-crisis-appeal

So each Thursday from 8am to 4pm our tea & coffee is on us. Come see us www.Docklowpools.com